Afford Any Purchase

Did You Make A Good Purchase?

Every now and then each and every one of us goes out to purchase an expensive item. Things like cameras, computers, cars, etc. all require a fair amount of money to purchase. But let’s say three people decide to purchase the same camera. There’s a chance that one of them made a good purchase, one of them made a bad purchase, and one of them gave up before they even knew it.

It’s extremely obvious, but when you purchase something, your bank account is drained by some amount of money. Pondering that concept long and hard when purchasing something makes you realize the impact a purchase has on your finances. Yes. I understand that sounds very elementary and basic, but hear me out…

When someone is going to make a big purchase, they usually think about what they can do to make some more money to supplement the outflow of their funds from their bank account. It’s the logical thing to do! Money goes out, so you find out how to get an equal or greater amount to go in! Usually that process involves working some extra hours to pick up the cost of an item.

There’s nothing wrong with this thought process in any way. In fact it’s much better than just spending and never filling the bank account back up! But D$U subscribers think differently than the normal population.

Here’s what D$U subscribers do:

When they go in to purchase a big item, they DON’T think any of the following:

  • I can’t afford that
  • That’s too expensive

The first thought on their mind is, “What can I do to make money from this purchase?”

You can make money doing anything, and you can make money with anything. There is always a buyer for something if you look hard enough, and there always will be. People are almost always looking for some sort of good or service.

Let’s say you’re trying to purchase a very nice camera that costs $2,500 and you’ve got $500 saved up. Here are 3 situations that might happen:

  1. “I can’t afford that, it’s too expensive!”

I’m not going to go in to depth on this one. You get the point.

  1. “Wow that’s a nice camera! If I work really hard at my job and pick up some extra shifts, then I’ll be able to purchase it!”

This is good! In this situation, the person has a strong desire for the camera, and they’re willing to put in some extra effort to purchase it!

But now it’s time for the average people to leave, and for the D$U subscribers to stay. This is what you decide to do:

  1. “What can I do to make money from this purchase?”

Being creative, you first decide to go out and buy a low to mid level camera for $450. Although you only have $500, you’re intelligent and you’re confident you’ll make the money back. It may be almost all you have, but this motivates you to succeed!

With your final $50 you decide to purchase some marketing materials so that you can advertise that you’re doing photo shoots for $50 a piece. Ten shoots later, and you’ve made all your money back!

It takes time, but by 50 shoots you’ve made enough money to purchase the original $2,500 dollar camera you wanted. Now you’re left without any money, which is right back to where you started. However, you use the same thought process as before and you think about how you can make money with the new camera. You get creative, find new methods of advertising, maybe charge a little more per photo shoot, and in no time you get to keep the nice camera and the old camera as a backup, plus a little bit of extra money!

The best part about this is that you’ve got customers from before, who may refer their friends to you if you did a good job. Because of this, you should be able to make a little bit more money on the side if you’re interested!

This process can be applied to almost any item if you think hard enough. Just by changing your thought process, you were able to purchase a camera that cost five times the amount you had in your bank account originally. Not only this, but you were also able to add some money to your bank account to invest or put into a Roth IRA!

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