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Alexandre Shappell Entrepreneur Debonaire DetailsListen to Alexandre Shappell’s entrepreneur interview by clicking the link here!

Alexandre Shappell is a 17 year old entrepreneur with a passion for filmmaking, public speaking, and men’s fashion. As long as he can remember, he’s always been playing around with cameras and making movies. This passion carried into his high school career; as a freshman he joined the television production program and has loved creating awesome content. Alexandre is also fascinated with men’s fashion. In the past year, he has put a lot of effort into the way he presents himself and loves to wear the dapper look. He recently combined these two passions and started his new YouTube channel, Debonair Details, with the purpose of teaching men’s fashion for teens, by a teen. His mission is to educate fellow teen guys on how to elevate their style game and inspire them to live successful and fulfilling lives. Alexandre hopes to grow Debonair Details and his personal brand to eventually monetize it into a viable career.

Additionally, Alexandre loves public speaking. His journey started back in 2016, when he spoke during an open floor session at the Rachel’s Challenge event. His speech garnered incredible support and inspired Alexandre to join FBLA and begin competing in public speaking. In his first year of FBLA, he earned his way to the national competition in Anaheim, California and placed eighth of out 128 competitors. Just recently, Alexandre also placed first at the district competition with a perfect score of 100. His success in FBLA has given Alexandre confidence to continue competing in hopes of doing even better, and also helps him with communication in all aspects of life. He hopes to also incorporate speaking into his career; traveling around the world to share his message.

With technical skills and a passion to make an impact on the world, Alexandre Shappell is excited for the future and looks forward to seeing the journey it will bring.

Check out Alexandre’s channel by clicking the link here!

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