Ansel Pierce – Marketing Your Way Into the Modeling Industry

Ansel Pierce

Listen to Ansel Pierce’s entrepreneur interview by clicking the link here!

Ansel Pierce is a 19-year-old boulder based model studying business management at University of Colorado Boulder.  He started in the industry just last November, and has already done 8 photo shoots, received sponsorships from 3 clothing companies and counting, and promoted for an artist of Gucci Manes own record label, 1017 Records. 

From a young age, he was interested in marketing and began working at a door to door marketing position and quickly became the marketing manager for a multi million dollar a year paint company. Today he has decided to switch his efforts towards social media marketing, and promoting himself as an up and coming model.  He hopes that in the coming year he can negotiate contracts with one or more modeling agencies and begin traveling to cities around the country for commercial shoots.  His end goal as discussed in his interview is to eventually be a fashion and commercial model out of Los Angeles and merge his career into commercial acting and modeling.

Although his beginnings are currently humble he has quickly and efficiently built himself a social media following and a quickly growing brand at almost no cost to himself.  Listen to the interview to find out more about his industry and how he recommends one start out when trying to build their own brand in the modeling industry.

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