Best clothes to buy to save money

Many of us love to go out on a shopping spree and buy new clothing! The thrill of going out, trying clothes on, purchasing them, and going out in style with that new shirt or jacket is something that never fails to satisfy. Often, this ends up hurting our wallets. Buying clothes can put our bank accounts in an unhealthy position. The best clothes to buy are the ones that look good, make us feel good, and that keep our finances in good shape.

In this 1-2 minute article:

  • Maintaining style with finances in mind.
  • Good ways to save while buying clothing
  • “Couponing”

So, what are the best clothes to buy, while still getting what we want?

One of the best ways to save money on clothing is by purchasing clothes that match with multiple other things we own. If you value fashion, but don’t have money to keep up with buying new clothes each week, you can buy one or two items every here and there that match with what you already have.

An example:

Let’s say you’ve got a few shirts that you really like, but you want some pants to go with them. Instead of buying pants to match each individual shirt, you’ll be much better off purchasing one pair of pants with a neutral color to match all the shirts you own. However, this doesn’t mean that instead of buying 3 pairs of pants that cost $100 each, you go out to buy just one pair of True Religion jeans that cost you $300. Then you’re right back to where you started, and maybe in a worse position.

Even bigger savings!

In fact, if you’re really looking to save money, it’s best to use a coupon for the pair of pants you do buy! If you use a combination of methods to save money, you’re going to end up with more bang for your buck. I like to buy clothes at discount stores, that are on sale, while applying coupons and paying with gift cards — the DSU way!

Buying clothes that match multiple other clothes can give your wallet the real boost it needs to use that money for more important things such as setting aside money to invest in your Roth IRA! There’s never any shame in being thrifty!

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