Brock Werdel – Interview

Listen to Brock Werdel’s interview by clicking the linkĀ here!

This interview marks the end of the Entrepreneur Interview Series for D$U, and the beginning of a new interview series. Although many of the future interviews might be with entrepreneurs (such as Brock), D$U finds it incorrect to assume that only entrepreneurs can be successful. This shift in the series is designed to be a chance for listeners to learn about positive qualities that each individual has, so that they can apply them in their own lives. Everyone has something interesting to tell, so stay tuned to learn more about the unique qualities each person interviewed possesses!

Brock Werdel is an entrepreneur from Oklahoma who moved to Colorado, only to find himself right back home where he started. He has participated in a number of entrepreneurial ventures from starting up a bar, to starting up a paint company. In his interview he touches on many things such as why he thinks that sometimes being involved with a profession for the money can be more important than doing what you love, and much more!

You can find out more on his company by clicking the link here!

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