Collins Buckner – Intensity, Going With The Flow, & Soundcheck Reviews

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Collins Buckner is an 18 year old entrepreneur and recording artist. Collins is involved in multiple emerging startups and has multiple collaborations with various other artists in the works. He says he’s, “… finally ready to strike,” after taking a sabbatical to study music production and lay the groundwork for one of his most ambitious projects: Soundcheck Reviews. Collins is also currently constructing a studio with professional acoustic treatment and industry leading equipment to, “take the music to another level.” He is very excited for the coming year and the opportunities it’ll bring. “I know this next year is going to be unbelievably blessed. With the studio completed and Soundcheck Reviews up and running, there’s nothing stunting the creativity. I’ll be able to cultivate a positive live entertainment experience both with my own content, and with other artist’s content. I truly can’t wait to share what I have with the world. The hustle switch has officially been flipped.”

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