Another way to save money

Saving money is one of the easiest things we can do in our daily lives. A lot of people view saving money as doing things such as not spending as much on a car, or not spending as much on a house, but it can be much simpler than that, especially as one can see from my previous article on a different way to save money.

Today I want to briefly dive in to another way to save that’s extremely easy, and this method especially applies to those who order things on the internet. So for all of you web shoppers out there, pay attention to this one!

If you want to save money on something online, the easiest way to do so is by searching in your google search bar for coupons for the specific site you’re shopping on! One of the best sites I’ve found for this sort of thing is Retail Me Not.

Retail Me Not has an excellent user interface, so it’s really easy to use! There are some other companies that offer coupons for online stores, but I’ve found this one to be the best. For that reason, I’m going to use it as an example.

To use it is simple, you search for the company you wish to purchase your items from on the Retail Me Not website, decide on a coupon that applies to your purchase, copy the code that comes up after clicking on that coupon, and paste into the website you’re buying from.

For an example, I was purchasing some business cards to spread the word for D$U, so I went on Vistaprint to order a few. After putting them in my cart, it turned out that 500 cards was going to cost me $19.99. That’s not expensive by any means, but I decided to search for coupons anyway, and found a 50% off coupon for 500 cards, which brought the total to $9.99.

It was THAT easy to save $10.00, which meant I could purchase another meal for myself, or contribute some money to an investment account such as my Roth IRA. The key to saving is that it adds up and small steps make a huge difference. If I saved 50% from every purchase I made throughout this year, I would be pretty well off for my spending habits. Obviously, that kind of savings is pretty tough to achieve on every purchase, but a few percentages off every here and there begins to add up!

If you’re looking for specific ways to save money on Amazon, take a look at the link here for more information on The Babble Out!

*I (in addition to D$U as a whole) do not associate with Retail Me Not in any way, but chose to use it as an example since it is a great program from the personal experiences that I have had.*

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