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The world seems to have a way of giving back to people when they do good things. The more good someone does, the more good they get in return. It’s no surprise that negative people who are filled with anger tend to have negative things happen to them in return, while positive people are rewarded with positive results!

One of the worst things you can do for yourself is be a negative person. Negativity seems to create an aura around someone, that can easily be sensed by others.

Think about what happens when you’re in a bad mood. Every little thing seems to make you upset, and being upset clouds your vision and causes you to make bad decisions. Keeping a good attitude is crucial to a life of success!

I have been in numerous arguments in my life and I’m sure that I’ll encounter even more as I continue to live life and meet people. I’ll very rarely start an argument because I’m naturally a positive person who prefers to avoid confrontation. However, if I do get in an argument, I always win – and even when I don’t win, I still win!

What’s the secret?

Positivity! No one likes to argue with someone who doesn’t want to fight back. It defeats the purpose of the argument and leaves the opposite party defenseless. Positive people are wise and don’t see the point in holding grudges or really caring about what other people think of them. They just move on with their life if someone has an issue with what they’re doing or who they are!

But what does positivity in arguments have anything to do with success?

Well, positivity allows your judgement to never be clouded. As I stated earlier, upset people will make poor decisions. What is success determined by? Primarily, your decisions.

Another thing that positivity does for you is boost your confidence.

One of my best friends of nearly 10 years taught me long ago that you can do nearly anything you want through confidence. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to do something, as long as you’re confident. If you act like you know what you’re doing, there’s a good chance you’ll succeed.

Positivity greatly boosts your confidence because your positive aura is noticed by other people, so they treat you better. As a general rule, when people treat you well it makes you feel good!

Let me give you an example:

As a student, I unsurprisingly dread the coming of finals week each semester. I can guarantee that many of you reading this can agree. However, rather than sulking and complaining about how hard it was going to be, I decided last semester to go out and feed the homeless in my city.

After picking up some food and water from the grocery store, I made my way around town mingling with the homeless people in my city for hours on hours. I spent my whole day meeting these people, then giving them “care packages” and chatting with them for a while. That whole day could have been spent studying or complaining to my friends about how hard my week was going to be, but instead I decided to take my mind off of the negativity, and do something positive for my community. It felt really great and made me feel happy about the things I had done!

Now, I’m not recommending that you don’t study for your exams, or that you just quit your job and only help others. There is a point of selfishness that is necessary in life in order to accumulate the resources to assist one’s community. That’s why I’m pushing so hard to allow our generation to be financially successful. The more people with the resources to help others, the better off the world will be!

In my case, I was already fairly prepared for my exams so I was able to go do what I did. I strongly recommend doing good for other people because it’s a fantastic way to help others out, while boosting your positivity! Karma always finds a way to repay you for your actions, whether negative or positive. That week it rewarded me with fantastic grades on my exams! I always make an extensive effort to do something good for someone else whenever I have the chance. Whether I’m driving people around because they don’t have a car or a license, or buying someone’s meal because they forgot their wallet (and “forgetting” to ask for the money back), I’m always looking for good things to do for others because doing good makes me a more positive person!

Positive results

As you give off a positive aura, you’ll begin to notice a plethora of new opportunities will open up for you. New employers, new achievements, new opportunities, you name it! Put in the positivity and the reward will follow. But the most important thing is never to expect a reward in return, rather to let it happen as it comes.

Go do something good for someone this week! You won’t regret it!

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