How to Make People Like You: 3 Tips For Success

One of the most important things to success is learning how to make people like you. If you’re able to make people like you, they’ll be more inclined to work with you on projects, or to help you out with things you may need help with. You might be able to make a little more money on a work project from your boss, or even save some money at the store by getting a discount from an employee! Making people like you is much easier than it seems, and if you follow these three tips I’m sure you’ll notice a difference in the way that people interact with you!

how to make people like youLearn their name, and remember it! (It’s okay to ask again if you forget)

If you really think about its raw form, a language is just a series of sounds in a certain order at a certain pace to convey a message. In essence, languages are just sounds, much like music! We’ve all got our favorite song (or songs if you’re like me and you’re somewhat indecisive with things like that), that we blast through our speakers and can listen to over and over, but think about it… What is everyone’s favorite sound?

Their name.

People absolutely love to hear their name because it makes them feel important, and quite honestly if you’re talking with someone, they should be the most important person to you at that time (with some exceptions)!

If you want to know how to make people like you, it’s an absolutely crucial skill to learn names! And if you don’t believe me, go try it yourself. I can almost guarantee people will be more inclined to speak with you if you use their name with them in an appropriate manner.

But what happens if you’re terrible at remembering names?

It’s fine to ask again! You’re much better off asking someone to clarify their name, than if you were to say the wrong name, or not use it at all. However, you’re obviously going to put yourself in the best situation by remembering their name the first time. If you’ve just met someone, try to use their name at least three times while speaking to them if you have trouble remembering names!

how to make people like youYou’ve got to be interesting to make people like you!

To put it bluntly, if you’re an uninteresting person, you’re going to have a tough time getting people to like you. People love to seek out the unique and interesting, and everybody has something unique or interesting about them if they really reflect on it!

For example, I’ve got a few things that people know me for, but the thing that often sticks out to people is being the guy who speaks four languages. Yes, there are many people who speak five, six, seven, perhaps more than ten languages! However, speaking more than two is often a rare quality, and four is a step above that, so it’s something memorable to explain when people ask me about myself. But I try to keep the chat about me short (well get to that in a minute).

If you’re struggling with this part, try to temporarily put yourself in a narcissistic mindset, and think about the things that you do better than most people! You can write down a list, or just think about it. Do whatever works for you! Sometimes its helpful to think about what you like about others if you’re looking at figuring out how to make people like you.

One big key to this: DO NOT LIE! Check out my bonus tip below.

how to make people like youStop talking about yourself if you want to learn how to make people like you!

I mentioned above that I make an effort to not talk too much about myself. This tip is in my opinion the most important. No one likes to hear about every single detail of anyone’s life unless they’re a therapist. No one…

If you truly want to know how to make people like you, the best thing you can do for yourself is listen! There’s the old phrase that you’ve got two ears and only one mouth for a reason. This is especially true in making people like you. People naturally love to talk about themselves, so if you can feed that obsession, people will really enjoy being around you!

This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t talk at all, but you should make sure to have a balanced back and forth conversation. In my personal opinion, a great ratio for speaking to listening is 20%-40% speaking and 60%-80% listening depending on the type of individual you’re speaking with!

Bonus tip: Do not lie!

I mentioned above that you should be sure not to lie about anything when talking about what makes you interesting or who you are. One of the easiest ways to ruin a relationship, friendship etc. is to lie. While you may seem like a very interesting and likable person at the time, it will come back to you.

Word will get out, you will be caught, you will not recover.

Lying will tarnish your reputation in a way like nothing else can. While you can recover from a mistake of almost any kind, lying will raise doubt in your credibility and even if you change, people might think you’re lying about the change no matter what you do. An honest mindset and lifestyle is a great way to make people like you and build trust!

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