Networking Tips

Top 3 Networking Tips

I wrote an article a while back on what networking is and why it’s useful, but I figured it would be helpful to learn about a few networking tips so you can make good connections, and so you don’t lose those connections.

Networking tipsTip #1

Always smile when meeting someone in person. Although resting b**** face is a problem that many of us struggle with, it’s important to make a conscious effort to be happy and to show it! People often tend to mirror the attitude you give off. Therefore, it makes sense that if you present yourself with a positive attitude, the person you’re speaking with will mirror a positive attitude which is going to make your conversation much more pleasant. A bonus to that is that the next time you email that connection to get in contact with them, they’re going to associate you with a positive attitude which is a good thing for obvious reasons.Networking tips

Tip #2

Always be looking for connections. You’re not going to find anyone to connect with if you’re not looking – it’s that simple. Networking is something that you have to actively participate in. Until you’re wildly famous and millions of people are dying to meet you, you’re going to need to put in the extra effort to meet the people you want to meet. Actively looking can be defined in various ways. I personally make it a goal to meet at least one new person a day. Whether or not that person is going to turn into a long-lasting connection is a different story! (See bonus tip)Networking Tips

Tip #3

Time is valuable. It’s important to make meeting up with you worth it for the connection. As a general rule, if someone is taking time out of their day to meet with you, it’s polite to offer to buy them coffee or something of the like. Often, if you’re asking to meet with someone, you’re looking to gain something from them. This might include a job offer, learning a skill from them, etc. Whatever the case, they are taking valuable time out of their day that they could have used to do something else, just so that they could meet with you. The least you could do is offer them something to be polite!

Bonus tip:

Some people are just simply not worth your time! Now before you start to develop a narcissistic mindset, hear me out… This doesn’t in any way mean that you’re better than others. I’m a strong believer that we are all equal. However, some people that you meet may begin to show signs that they may not be a valuable connection to you. This could be for many reasons. Maybe they don’t have the desired skills you’re looking for in a connection, they could be chronic liars and you see that as a problem for the future, perhaps they don’t have the same level of ambition as you. These are just a few reasons you may not want to create a long-lasting connection with someone. There are many more, but depending on the person, some reasons are more important than others. Never make a connection just for the purpose of making a connection. Always evaluate whether it is worth it to both you and the other party, or you could be wasting valuable time!

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