Never pay full price

Paying the full price for anything is ridiculous! You should never have to pay the full price for any sort of good or service that you purchase since there is always room for negotiation in any sale.

Let’s look at how to pay less for anything you buy:

If you’re looking at purchasing an item in the store, it’s always wise to look at other stores before making the purchase. The first step to paying less money for the things you buy is to realize that you can always find any item from more than one place. If something costs $20.00 somewhere, you can guarantee it probably costs $15.00 somewhere else.never pay full price

Amazon is an excellent way to find the cheapest price on something. They almost always have some of the cheapest prices on anything you might ever need to purchase.

If you don’t choose Amazon to find your cheapest price and you’re just looking to purchase from a store, you can always try to bargain with the store or negotiate the price.

It may seem like you can never bargain on store or restaurant prices, but it’s not unheard of to score fantastic deals on the things you need to buy!

never pay full priceThe other day, I was at the mall with some of my friends. We were hungry and saw a crepe restaurant and decided to go check it out. The crepes there were about 8 or 9 dollars depending on the toppings you got on them. I struck up a conversation with the cashier, talked with her for a bit, and about 2 minutes later one of my friends got free toppings on his crepe, and my other friend and I scored a free crepe to share. Not bad for 2 minutes!

Most of negotiating a price is going to be in your charisma and social skills. Being able to talk with someone and genuinely wanting to know about them is the best way to build a connection with someone. If you’re good at it, that connection can often lead you to a great deal!

never pay full priceAfter you learn a little bit about the person, you can then ask about any opportunities for discounts. Usually, getting straight to the point is best so that they actually know what you’re asking for. I’ll generally say something like, “I don’t suppose you guys offer any discounts.” You’ll either get a yes or a no. If you get a yes, you’re set, and you just scored a cheaper price! If you get a no, you can dig a little bit deeper to see if you can still manage to get that lower price.

These are just a couple ways to never pay full price that I have used in my life, but you can always use many other techniques such as using coupons. Paying full price for something simply doesn’t make sense when there are so many options out there to prevent you from doing so!

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