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In my opinion, one of the greatest disappointments in the modern economy is that when purchasing goods and services you are required to pay the listed price with no exceptions. In a number of other countries, bartering is often an expected practice among those who go shopping. This practice protects the customer by allowing them to pay what they believe is a suitable price for a good or service. In the U.S., applications and websites like Craigslist allow people to participate in bartering in a similar manner. This can be a great way to save money!

In this 5-7 minute article:

  • Negotiation on Craigslist and other public marketplaces
  • Doing your research
  • Bring what you want to spend
  • Walking away

Negotiation and Craigslist

From a young age, my parents taught me negotiation skills to aid my success in the future. I remember going to craigslist deals with my dad when he needed to purchase something, processing what was going on, and absorbing all the information I could. I was fascinated watching him go home with what he needed, after spending only a fraction of the item’s list price. All it took was a little bit of conversation and some back and forth price negotiation, and before I knew it, he and the vendor shook hands and we were on our way home.

If used correctly, craigslist can be an excellent tool to never pay full price for anything you need! However, it’s a little more complicated that just finding an item, meeting up with someone, and buying the item. There’s a little bit of work that you need to do to make sure that you don’t go home unhappy. Here are my top three craigslist tips for your success:

Tip #1: Do your research.

Just like you would always do your research before investing in the stock market, it’s important to do your research when purchasing something. To start, doing your research allows you to be a more educated buyer. The more educated you are on a product or service, the more confident you’ll be when purchasing. Confidence allows you to show the seller that you’re serious, and that you know what you’re talking about. In other words, it keeps you from getting taken advantage of or scammed. If you were purchasing a car and it had bald tires, but you didn’t know what bald tires looked like, or you didn’t know to look to see if the tires were bald in the first place, you may be stuck with an extra expense after purchasing the vehicle. The same concept applies to nearly every other purchase.

Doing your research may also allow you to determine whether there are better deals available. In a similar car example, if you were purchasing a car that was listed for $15,000, but you didn’t know the car was only worth $10,000, you’re clearly not putting yourself in a situation to succeed in a deal. Research is crucial to a deal in your favor.

Tip #2: Only bring the amount of money you want to spend with you.

One of the things my dad used to do when I went with him to buy things from craigslist, is bring only the maximum amount of money he wished to spend on the item with him. For example, if an item was listed for $400, but to him it wasn’t worth spending a penny over $250, he would only bring $250 with him. By only bringing $250 there was no way he could possibly spend any more money than he wanted to! This is also a great tool for people who are trying to budget, since it forces you to walk away from a deal if it exceeds your spending threshold.

Tip #3: Don’t be afraid to walk away from a deal.

One of the final things to take note of is that there are rarely times where you MUST buy something. Never will you need a TV for your house. If you need to live without it for a while, that’s alright! You will be best off by walking away from a deal if you don’t believe you can afford it. Nothing is worse than going home with an item for which you feel you paid too much. You can always come back to the vendor to purchase the same thing if it’s still for sale. Chances are, if the item was too expensive, the vendor will have to lower the price at some point in order to sell it. If you watch the price, you may be able to contact the seller at a later point in time to make another offer!

In all honesty, there are plenty more things that you can do for a purchase from craigslist, but these three are some of the best strategies to be successful. Craigslist is a fantastic way to save money on your purchases.

Bonus Tip:

Always be careful on Craigslist or other public marketplaces and meet in a public place. Never meet somewhere where you feel uncomfortable. Usually you can ask to meet in the parking lot of a busy supermarket or even the parking lot of a police station if there’s an area available. If you’re still uncomfortable with that, ask a friend to come along for company!


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