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Amazon is one of the most innovative companies ever to exist. The fact that each and every one of us has the opportunity to order nearly anything online, and have it delivered to us in two days, is absolutely incredible! Not only that, we’re also able to save money with Amazon if we use it right. There are plenty of ways to save money with amazon, but one of the greatest programs to take advantage of is the Amazon Prime student discount. With a half price membership, I can speak through personal experience that I have been able to save an enormous amount of money! Here’s why:

Shipping is expensive!

Anyone and everyone who has ever ordered anything on the internet understands that shipping can often be one of the most expensive costs in an online purchase. With an amazon prime membership, your shipping is free on most of the purchases you make! I’ve ordered countless textbooks, electronics, etc. and because of my prime membership, the shipping has been free every time!

save money with amazonShipping takes so long!

Another frustrating thing is that when you do purchase something online, it takes over a week to ship, unless you pay the outrageous prices for fast shipping. We’ve all had that item in our cart that we wish we could have the next day, but it’s going to cost $25.00 to get it there that quick… While it’s not an obvious way that you save money with Amazon, utilizing their free 2 day shipping with a prime membership saves on your most valuable asset – time!

Prices are almost always less expensive on Amazon!

When you purchase an item from a store, the store is going to charge you their price. No questions asked. On Amazon, one item may be listed from multiple sources, because of the competition to sell, you’re likely to be able to save money with Amazon!

save money with amazonHow do you save money with Amazon Prime if a membership costs money?

A student membership gives you 50% off, so the membership costs only $6.49 a month. If you order quite a bit of stuff online, there’s a good chance the membership will pay itself back in no time! By ordering just one item a month, you’re already saving on the shipping you would be paying otherwise. Not only that, but a Prime membership is loaded with other benefits. However, in my personal experience, the only thing that has been helpful for saving money has been the free 2 day shipping, but they also offer music, videos, and more (which are all included in the membership).

If you’re a student and you’re looking at signing up, I left the link below for more information on the program. It’s a great opportunity if you anticipate ordering plenty of things for your new apartment or house next year, or if you just plan on ordering textbooks for school!

Prime Student 6-month Trial

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