Selling Goods on Craigslist

I’ve already discussed tips on buying things on Craigslist and getting a good deal. Today I want to talk about selling things so that you can make a little extra cash on the side! Selling on Craigslist and other public marketplaces can be much easier than you think. It’s certainly a great way to make money, without having to work!

In this 5 minute article:

  • Selling on Craigslist and other public marketplaces.
  • Doing your research
  • Listing your items
  • Selling
  • Bonus tips!


You’re first going to need to have something that you want to sell. This could be anything of value. Take a computer for example. Maybe you just upgraded to a new computer and you have an older model you want to sell.

The next step is to do a little bit of research to see what comparable goods are selling for. This is going to allow you to list your computer for the price that many consumers are going to be willing to pay. If you’re in a hurry to sell, maybe list the computer at a lower price to catch more attention. If you’re in no rush to sell, and maybe your computer is in outstanding condition, you could decide to list it for a higher price. Otherwise, it’s generally best to keep your items for sale at a similar price to other other items that are being sold.


After you’ve done your research, it’s important to take some good photos of whatever you’re selling. If it’s a computer, it’s good to take photos of all sides of the device, including any damage, etc. The more photos the potential buyer has to see, the less you’re going to have to deal with people coming to see your computer, only to find out it’s not what they thought it was because you didn’t have any pictures. It will waste both their time, and more importantly yours!

Once you have your pictures taken care of, you’re then going to want to write up a description of the product. Much like the photo process, the more detailed you are, the better the results you’ll have. If it’s the computer that we’ve been talking about, it may be best to list the memory specs, year, model, and any other crucial information. This can even help in listing your result first on public marketplace websites and applications.

To list your item, you’ll need to create an account with Craigslist (but keep in mind Craigslist is not the only way to sell things. I just find it to be the easiest for my needs). Creating an account is simple and involves the same things that any other account creation process would, including an email, a password etc.

Once you’ve made your account, you’re able to list an item for sale.

All you need to do is input the information you researched, your photos, your price, and any other things you want to include, and you post your item! People will be able to contact you through the site, or you can list your contact information in the listing. Then you wait for the calls or emails from people who want to purchase your product, set up a meeting time, and work out a deal!

Bonus Tips

It’s not uncommon to receive emails or text messages that are scams, make sure to be mindful of this.

Always meet in a public place when selling an item to ensure your safety. Safety is never guaranteed so consider bringing a friend or meeting at a police station!

Use the tips from my other Craigslist article to understand how buyers think, that way you can make sure you’re achieving the best deal on your end!

Talk to your friends and family about the item you’re trying to sell, or list the item on multiple selling services. You’ll gain more exposure to your item, which may allow you to sell it quicker!


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