Teagan Brown – Magic on Tap

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Teagan Brown is a magician and tap dancer from Fort Collins, Colorado. He got his start in dance by receiving a dance scholarship from Mia Michaels to the Broadway Dance Center when he was just 9 years old. Later developing his expertise in magic has performed and competed in national events. Teagan Brown is the recipient of the “Magician Champion” at the Portland Magic Festival (2017) for originality, skill and entertainment value. He was also voted “Wizard Winner” at the Unicorn Festival (2017) in Denver for best overall entertainer. Recently attending the prestigious Magic and Mystery School in Las Vegas, Nevada, he is releasing his new production Dance Dance Magic. Combining his expertise in both dance and magic, He is the only magician to combine tap dancing and magic into one production.

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Website: http://teaganbrown.com/

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