Different Ways to Invest

Investing is a term that often comes across as scary to many individuals. Often we associate investing with putting money into the market and praying that when you take it out you’re left with more than you put in. However, that’s not investing… That’s gambling!

In this 5-7 minute article:

  • What is investing?
  • Trading
  • Real Estate
  • Personal Investment

Fears of Investment

What words do you think of when you think of investing?

  • Risky?
  • Frightening?
  • Complicated?
  • Difficult?
  • Wall Street?
  • Stocks?

I can almost guarantee that you think of one of the above words, and by the end of reading this short article I would hope you have a different understanding of investing, and a more diverse perspective on various ways to invest.

There Are Many Ways to Invest!

Investing doesn’t necessarily mean getting a suit on and trading stocks in a big room with symbols flashing all over the place with different monetary values. Investing can encompass a number of things!

Of course, the most common thing people think of when the word investing is mentioned is trading stocks on the market.

Since many people are familiar with this type of investing I won’t go too deep into it, but I’ll likely write an article in the future on how begin investing for anyone interested. For now, you could check out an article on how to retire rich (the “easy” way) through investing (if you read that article, soak in the information like a sponge, and use that strategy in addition to other investment strategies, there’s a very good chance you retire a millionaire – maybe a multimillionaire if you play your cards right)!

Another Way to Invest is Through Real Estate.

Many of the world’s most successful people have accumulated their wealth through real estate! Investing in real estate can be a bit more complicated. In most cases, you’re often required to come up with a down payment on the real estate. Generally, this turns out to be 20% of the purchase price (with some exceptions). Let’s say the property you want to purchase is being sold at $200,000. You’re likely going to have to put a minimum of $40,000 down to purchase the house, plus a bunch of other costs! These things all make buying real estate difficult, not to mention the need to qualify for a mortgage if you’re like the majority of the population which is not likely to be carrying around an extra couple hundred thousand dollars to buy a house or office building!

However, despite its complicated processes, real estate investment can be very lucrative. There are also many ways to use real estate as an investment vehicle such as renting a residential property out to tenants who live there, renting office space to a business looking to have a physical location, allowing the property value to appreciate over time, and many more options.

A Third Great Way To Invest is Through Investing in Yourself!

This is one of my favorite ways to invest, since it’s often very inexpensive. There are plenty of ways to invest in yourself, but an easy and budget friendly way is through reading or listening to podcasts. By learning more about topics you’re interested in, you’ll likely be able to improve the skills that you already have, and learn new skills to become more knowledgeable on the subjects you love! I have read dozens of books on business and finance, and listened to hundreds of podcasts regarding these topics as well. Why so many? They cost little to no money! These methods of investing by far have the greatest ROI (return on investment) — More than your outrageous 15%+ gains on your market investment portfolio. Even more than your outrageous thousands of percentages you earned on cryptocurrencies!

Let’s say you listen to a free podcast that gives you the business idea that changes your life and makes you millions. Maybe you pay $10.00 a month for your Spotify or Apple Music account, a few hundred bucks for your phone, fifty bucks a month for your service, a hundred bucks for your headphones, etc. But those are things you already own! In theory, you didn’t have to spend any extra money to make money by utilizing those possessions. Depending on how you look at it, you could consider it a practically infinite return on your investment.

A side note about the above: you do not have to spend money to make money. I don’t know who came up with that idea, but this is completely wrong in my opinion. Use tools you already have, be resourceful, stop complaining, and do something!

Another Way to Invest in Yourself is Through Going to College.

A college education can be expensive, but it can be well worth it if you have an idea on what you want to do! I won’t explain this one too much since many of us are familiar with the concept, and many of us have our own opinions on college education. The cost/benefit analysis of a college education is up to your own interpretation and circumstances — especially given the current pandemic.

If You Want to Invest in Yourself, Another Method is Through Taking Courses or Going To Seminars.

I like to think of this method as a less expensive college, often with no extra credentials. There are plenty of seminars offered for individuals wanting to learn more about a subject. You can pay a few hundred dollars (or less) to go hear an expert speak about a subject. But hearing others speak isn’t the only way to go this route, you can also purchase courses to become certified in various fields. For example, if you want to get your real estate license, you can purchase one of many courses online to prepare you for a test for the certification. Courses and seminars can cost anywhere from nothing to thousands of dollars depending on what you’re trying to explore, but they’re one of many excellent ways to invest!

Concluding Thoughts

These are just a few ways to invest, and there are certainly many more methods that are available. Investing doesn’t always have to mean that you’re putting money into a stock and waiting for it to go up. There’s plenty of other ways to go about multiplying your money.


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