What is Networking

Networking can be an excellent skill if you’re trying to build successful relationships. Meeting a new person, might lead you to meet another new person, who might lead you to meet your future employer at your dream job! It’s an extremely important skill to have because networking can land you opportunities that are much harder to achieve on your own! The cliché “it’s not what you know, but who you know” phrase is applicable in nearly any scenario in life.

If there is one concept from Dollar Sign University that you should understand, it’s this one!

Many of my closest friends have been an inspiration for this article. One of my friends in particular encouraged me to pull the trigger and write this, because he ended up receiving an opportunity to speak with the hiring manager of the company that he wanted to work for, solely because of networking. He had never met the hiring manager of this company, but he was able to do so through networking. After he discovered that one of his old professors was the vice president of the company, he was able to reach out to him and achieve a connection with the local branch of the company he wanted to work for.

What is networking

With the increasing effects of social media and other internet connection platforms on our society, a concept referred to as “six degrees of separation” has emerged. Six degrees of separation refers to the idea that you can meet anyone in in the world that you want to, through just six connections!

I challenge you to think of a very high profile individual, then think of who you know, and how you could get in contact with them. It will more than likely take less than six connections!

What is networking

But what is networking?

Networking is essentially creating connections with other individuals for the purpose of professional development. The goal of networking is to increase the sphere of people who you personally know, because it allows you to receive opportunities that others may not be able to. Also, the more people you know, the more valuable of a contact you are to others. This is because you add the value of new connections to whoever you connect with. Once you’ve made enough connections, you’ll begin to discover that out of the people you know, a good chunk of them will know each other.

What is networking

Take your phone out, hop on Instagram, click on someone’s profile, and look at their following/followers and see who you’re following as well. You might be surprised!

Don’t have Instagram? Try Facebook and look at the “mutual friends” statistic under someone’s name.

What is networking


One of the best ways to keep track of your professional connections is through LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a social media for professionals, and is aimed at aiding one’s career. I recommend you sign up for a LinkedIn account, and create a profile. LinkedIn is an excellent way to network, since it is designed specifically for that purpose. Once you’ve downloaded it, feel free to begin connecting with people! LinkedIn does so many things, so I encourage you to explore with its features if you haven’t already, and I’m more than willing to be your first connection to get you started. If you’re interested, click here for a link to my profile!

Go out and meet some people today! You may be surprised who they might be able to connect you with!

If there’s someone I might be able to help you meet, don’t feel shy to email me or submit a request in the contact form! (Subscribers only please)

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