When To Apply For Jobs

Summer is just around the corner, and everyone is about to be looking for their summer jobs to fill their downtime while they’re out of school. But that’s just the problem right there… EVERYONE is about to be looking for their summer jobs to fill their downtime while they’re out of school. Unless you want to be left without an internship or job this summer, you’ll need to know when to apply for jobs so you can get ahead of the competition!

When to apply for jobs: The short explanation!

If you’re looking to apply for a job this summer, the time is NOW (written as of April 15, 2018)! In reality, the time was about a month or two ago, depending on the company or field you’re applying for. Employers are looking to fill up their slots with people who are eager to work, and who think ahead. By applying for a job early, you’re securing some bonus points on your application since it shows dedication!

When to apply for jobsWhy applying early gives you a competitive edge over your colleagues:

Think of it this way, you’re on your way home and your family bought some pizza for dinner. There’s 8 slices to split between your mom, dad, brother, sister, and you. Since you’re late to get home, your family decides to eat without you, and they each choose 2 slices. By the time you’re home you’re left with some crumbs and a cardboard box.

Much like the limited amount of pizza, there’s a limited amount of positions out there that are right for you that have the right hours, field of interest, distance from your home, etc. If you wait too long to apply for a job, everyone else is going to get one before you. By the time you get to applying for jobs, there will be nothing left but some bread crumbs for food and a cardboard box for you to live in since you won’t be able to afford rent.

When to apply for jobsWhen to apply for jobs: The extremely short explanation!

The time to apply is now!

How to find jobs:

If you’re having trouble looking, I recommend asking around to see if family and friends know of anyone who may be hiring. Another great way to find jobs is by using sites like Indeed! There are always jobs available. It’s just about finding one that’s right for you, and finding it before someone else does!

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